Testimonials - makes us feel proud

  • Michael Lowe, Business Manager Gladesmore Community School

    “The kids find it engaging and exciting and they embrace technology...the teachers have bought into it because all they have to do is give out stickers. They decide what they want to give the stickers out for, behaviour, work, reading etc, but the rest is up to the kids as they register their own rewards."
  • Justine Mountford, Knole Academy

    “Carrot Rewards has had a significant impact on our school. Behaviour and attendance are both improving. Attendance is up 2% in 2 years and exclusions down by 50%. Some of this is definitely due to the rewards system. Add to this that it is easy to administer and popular with pupils and you can understand why I’m more than happy to recommend it to other teachers.”
  • Steven Groutage, COO, Tudor Grange Academies Trust

    “School Stickers is incredibly good value, the online tools and rewards are incredibly flexible, and we have really been able to make it our own. Our students work incredibly hard and love to collect the variety of stickers and postcards available. The combination of School Stickers and the Carrot Rewards platform is a winning combination.”
  • Tom Starkey, teacher, education consultant and columnist for Teach Secondary & TES

    "I like it. It's obvious that there has been real thought about what actually goes on in schools. The design makes it clear that time has been taken by its creators to consult with teachers on its everyday use and the sheet adaptability means that its use is not restricted to a particular type of institution."
  • Tom Tsangarides, teacher, Whitstable Junior School

    "Carrot Rewards has already made a really big difference in our school, and we are only using it at its most simple level. We have exciting plans for Carrot Rewards and I'm looking forward to seeing how it will evolve."