Introducing Carrot Rewards

Carrot Rewards was created by The Carrot Company, the team behind School Stickers, provider of millions of school rewards to thousands of schools across the world since 2000.

All schools are different, so The Carrot Company worked closely with schools and teachers to find out exactly what they needed. Amongst the many requirements was a need for it to be simple to use, able to engage and motivate pupils, cost effective, compatible with SIMS, save teachers time and effort, and flexible enough to work around individual school requirements.

Carrot Rewards was launched in 2010 and is now being by hundreds of schools across the world, by many Academy Groups, and also by schools that are part of an LEA School Cluster or Behaviour Partnership.

It is incredibly flexible and has lots of different functionality, so schools are able to customise their own reward scheme, allowing them to design anything, from class league tables to complex, multi-layered whole school competitions.

Schools choose whether they want to use physical rewards like stickers and certificates, which pupils log themselves on their online sticker album,, or give out virtual rewards online in the classroom, which can be flashed up on the whiteboard and are automatically recorded.

Teachers have the ability to easily track and reward behaviour, achievement and attendance, and have access to up-to-the-minute leader boards to track precisely how pupils, classes, subjects, houses, etc., are doing.

However many pupils, and whatever the budget, Carrot Rewards can work for all schools.