Find out more about the impact of rewards on pupils motivation in school

Carrot Rewards aims to provide the best tool for teachers to motivate their pupils. As a part of that effort we are working with a number of university experts and leading teachers in the area of pupil motivation in school.

In particular we are working with Dr Nathanson (PhD and Yale Researcher in social and emotional learning) who has contributed a number of articles here to assist teachers.

Carrot Rewards Blog
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Carrot Rewards Teaching Resources
We know how important it is to have the right resources available to teachers to successfully manage their classroom. We have put together a selection of lesson plans, case studies and videos that we think will help.
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How to Motivate Students at KS4 Level
  Student motivation is at the heart of many classroom problems. Once you’ve got students engaged and interested half the battle is won. Don’t feel like you’re at the front on your own.
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Back to School Resources for Primary School Teachers
Get in the ‘Back to School’ mind-set and take a look at some of these free resources for Primary School teachers. This curation of content from the web covers all the main school subjects at KS1 and KS2 levels.
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Parental Involvement Resources for Teachers
When parents get involved in the matter of their children’s education, the children’s attendance, behaviour and academic achievement improves. That’s why teachers should encourage parents to participate i
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Studies and Research into Aspects of Pupil Engagement
Pupil engagement is a crucial factor in building a successful educational environment that gives pupils the best opportunity to realise their academic potential. Here we present a collection of research and case studies th
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Research Looking Into Individual Pupil Behaviour In Motivating Pupils
The behaviour of individual pupils in a classroom can have an effect on the entire class. These links point to research studies linked to issues regarding individual pupil behaviour, the challenges that problem behaviour p
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Classroom Management Resources For Teachers
Classroom management skills are paramount to a teacher’s success. Maintaining discipline and keeping a classroom full of pupils ‘on task’ is a never-ending learning curve with skills that need to be honed
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