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Carrot Rewards has been designed with teachers to help teachers engage and motivate their pupils whilst saving them time and effort!

Introducing Carrot Rewards

Carrot Rewards is a free reward scheme that helps motivate pupils to work. Carrot Rewards uses a combination of physical printed rewards and integrated online technology to help you engage and motivate your pupils whilst saving teachers time and effort managing their rewards.

Carrot Rewards can be used across the school so it can help teachers to easily keep track of work related learning taking place across subjects and activities by running competitions that are unique to rewards given for this area of learning. School wide reward systems can also give pupils their first experience of the world of work, where appraisals, reviews and bonus culture are common place.

Making life simpler:

Gone are the days where a teacher has to create a complicated Excel spread-sheet to record their pupils' rewards and to run competitions. Carrot Rewards is a free online resource from School Stickers that enables teachers to customise their own reward schemes, allowing them to design competitions, from class league-tables to complex multi-layered competitions, and to access up to the minute leader boards to track precisely how their pupils are doing.

School rewards are nothing new, whether it's through the awarding of gold stars, merits, or a prize-giving day at the end of term, teachers have always sought to reward their pupils for good standards of work and behaviour. However school rewards have now gone online.

The evidence suggests:

Modern reward schemes like this are becoming more important than ever to teachers. In December 2009, School Stickers asked the opinions of more than 800 teachers (68% of whom were Head or Deputy Head Teachers). The study found that the vast majority of UK schools (81%) now use a co-ordinated, formal rewards strategy to motivate pupils and an overwhelming 92% of teachers felt that using a rewards scheme helped improve the standard of work for some or all of their students.

According to research by Ofsted in 2008, "Rewards, such as opportunities to go on trips or to gain awards, were a powerful incentive for students who struggled with school. Rewards motivated the students to apply themselves more and to achieve better grades at GCSE level."

Lori Nathanson PhD, educational researcher from Yale University, who specialises in the impact of social and emotional interventions on students, commented, "Students, just like adults, need to be motivated to work hard and push themselves. Unmotivated workers are unlikely to put effort into their jobs producing low quality work. This situation is paralleled in schools. Using rewards like bonuses and promotions in the workplace to increase motivation is the same as using stickers, grades, or iPods in schools. The underlying principle is that increasing motivation, both extrinsic and intrinsic, improves performance."

For more information email neil@carrotrewards.co.uk or call 0800 073 0433.